DECK DOC Maintenance: No Sanding Ever Required

  •  Simply clean off built up dust and dirt and re oil.
  • Anything left exposed to the weather including decks will attract dust and dirt and be baked on by the sun.
  • For lightly soiled decks use Deck Doc Revive.
  • This is a simple spray on, wipe off procedure to clean and restore the original colour
  • For heavy built up dirt clean use Deck Doc Timber Cleaner to remove all stubborn dirt.
  • Repeat a light re oil to bring back the original natural colour
  • It is necessary to clean timber decks periodically
  • Deck Doc’s unique flexible coating repels moisture, prevents tannin loss, warping and cracking.

Note:  Left over oil can be converted to Revive by adding Narrow Cut Kerosene or diesel by 50/50 ratio.

It is important to understand that anything left out in the open is going to attract dirt.  Dust settles and the sun bakes the dirt on the surface, likewise decks get dirty and will appear dull and grey, however, it is not the timber that has turned dull and grey but merely the accumulated dirt on the surface.  It will be noted that water will bead on the dirty surface clearly indicating that the timber is being preserved and protected and can be cleaned and revived.  See Video demonstration titled Oil vs Solid Coatings.