Premium Decking Oil

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Coverage:  10 – 15 sqm per litre

10L Premium Decking Oil

4L Premium Decking Oil

2L Premium Decking Oil

Note: this product is also available in a kit with cleaner and applicator.

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10 Litres, 4 Litres, 2 Litres


2 reviews for Premium Decking Oil

  1. Shelley Gross

    Hi Guys

    We rebuilt our deck around 6 months ago and applied Deck-Doc. Previous to that we used another type of decking oil.

    What we found

    Your product is much nicer to apply, less toxic.

    Your product seems to allow the deck to turn grey quicker, but does not necessarily seem to allow it to weather more quickly.

    We have just scrubbed our deck clean and re-applied a couple of new coats with the intention to re-apply every 6 months until the timber does not take it on so quickly.

    Thanks for a great local product, photo attached.

  2. Leanne Hemphill


    My husband sent the message below, yesterday I believe, and I am about to order some more product from you, but I also thought I should let you know that the wood we used in these photos is Cypress boards that are 150mm x 35mm thick. We’ve replaced some that were 15 years old and have sanded and reused them – oiling them this weekend and they look great too. ( we replaced them as we just didn’t oil them enough and some of them were wrecked, but I think with your product we will get more years out of these ones as your product is easier to use and less toxic so we will be sure to do it more regularly.

    Thanks again.



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